Top Six Unexpected Things You Can Learn This Year

Music & Worship Arts Week is a great event filled with singing, ringing, dancing, worshipping, creating, and teaching. But … there are other aspects of the week that you might not be aware of.

In the spirit of creativity, we decided to put together a Top Six List of things you might not expect that you can learn at MWAW 2017. (Because why have a Top Five list when you can have a Top Six, right?)

On with the countdown …

6. How to put a handbell back together.

Mickey Johnson, a specialist in handbell refurbishment, will present a seminar on basic handbell maintenance.

5. How to mime.

Yes, really! Linda Caldwell will present a seminar on Christian mime, which will allow participants to explore how to use their whole beings to deliver a message using only gestures, expression, and movement.

4. How to make your big screen look great!

Does your church use a projection screen? Amy Gray, our worship visuals clinician, will help show some simple ways to improve your big screen experience.

3. How to bake communion bread.

One of our most popular seminars is back! Chip Bilbrey will lead multiple opportunities to learn the art of baking communion bread. (And, each person attending gets a fresh loaf of bread!)

2. How improv can help in your church team building.

Do you love the TV show “Whose Line Is It, Anyway?” Ever think that improv could help improve team building in your pastoral and worship staff? Jeff Smith, our theatre in worship clinician, will show how theatre games and improv ideas can be used in your training and team building exercises.

1. What to do if your car doubles as your office …

If you’re a part-time church music leader who finds yourself storing everything in the trunk of your car, this seminar is for you! Debi Tyree will explore practical ideas to survive all of the “other” stuff of church music ministry, especially organization.

And that’s only the TOP six! There are countless other opportunities for learning and fellowship this year at MWAW 2017.

Are you planning on joining us this June but haven’t gotten your materials together yet? Our registration deadline is quickly approaching, so register now!


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