Top Six New Things You Can Try This Year

Trying something new can be a scary endeavor. But what if you could try something you’ve always wanted to learn in an environment that’s friendly and encouraging?

Here’s some good news: That’s exactly what’s awaiting you at this year’s Music & Worship Arts Week.

Regardless of your artistic craft, there are plenty of opportunities to stretch yourself and try something that maybe you’ve never done before.

Here are our Top Six suggestions of new things to try at MWAW 2017:

6. Join a handbell ensemble.

Never rung a handbell before? We have an ensemble for you! Each afternoon, you are welcome to join our Beginning Handbells seminar, led by Diane Short. It begins Monday and is designed to gradually build each day with new techniques and ensemble ringing.

5. Try a new dance technique.

Even if you’re experienced in leading liturgical dance in your church, there are always new things to try. Have you tried incorporating props into your dances? Don’t miss our “Props for Special Seasons” seminar. Ever consider using tap dancing in worship? See how it can be done during our “Make a Joyful Noise” seminar.

4. Learn about the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is a personality system that is used for spiritual direction as well as in professional settings. Jody Seymour, our preacher for the week, will lead a series of seminars in the Enneagram and what it can mean for you and your ministry.

3. Write for the stage.

Ever dream of writing a script? Jeff Smith, our theatre in worship clinician, will lead a seminar on writing short 3 to 5 minute sketches primarily used to set up a sermon. Yes, you do have the “write” stuff!

2. Incorporate new aspects into your worship planning.

There are so many opportunities to stretch your creativity when it comes to worship planning. Mary Scifres will lead a workshop on “Designing Creative Worship,” focusing on introducing new ideas and implementing change, and Debi Tyree will show how global songs can be incorporated in creative ways for worship in “Global Song as Service Music.”

1. Become a conductor!

Ever want to try your hands (literally) at becoming a conductor? This seminar, geared specifically for first-time conductors (including youth who work with praise bands and singers), will focus on beat patterns, hand gestures, facial expressions, and other conducting basics.

And … again … that’s just the TOP six! There are countless other opportunities for learning and exploring this year at MWAW 2017. Give something new a try!

If you haven’t registered to join us yet, now is the time to do so … as MWAW 2017 is just six weeks away! We’re so looking forward to an amazing week this year at Lake Junaluska!


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