Youth Choirs

For students who have completed 6th – 12th Grades, the following choral ensembles will be available:

  • Middle School Choir
  • High School Choir

Concert (for both choirs): Thursday evening

Concert Dress: Singers should dress for their role as performers. Long pants (no shorts) or dresses/skirts (reasonable length) are appreciated.

Youth Talent Show

This annual event will be held on Tuesday evening. Auditions for the Talent Show will be Monday afternoon. Results will be posted later Monday evening.

Please note the following guidelines related to the Talent Show:

  • NEW in 2017: Performers must be enrolled as a Youth registrant in either the Middle or Senior High Choir. Children will participate in a Talent Rotation in their afternoon program.
  • Time limit for all acts is 3.5 minutes.
  • Each youth may appear on the stage only once as a featured performer. He/she may appear as a soloist or as part of an ensemble, but not both. Exceptions include youth who accompany another act.
  • No more than three (3) acts per church may audition.
  • Songs are to be accompanied (live or recorded) unless they are designed to be sung a cappella.
  • All acts will be auditioned before the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay for me to register my eighth grade youth for the high school choir so that he can be with youth from our group?Unfortunately, no. We have contracted with clinicians for specific grade levels, and we must honor those contracts.

Why are sixth graders allowed to choose between the children’s programming and the middle high choir?
In many places, sixth graders are enrolled in Middle School, but not all are ready vocally or socially for the Middle High Choir. Some prefer to spend another year in the Children’s Choir or DRUM program. The parent or choir director can make the best decision about these participants. NOTE: All children in the Children’s program at the Wilson Children’s Complex are required to be signed in and out by a parent or chaperone.